GET: is a Premium Delivery Platform with its routes firmly embedded and built to fight today’s global challenges, economically and environmentally.

We have launched in order to combat the economic distress caused to our independent and proud Restaurant Partners, their people and their families and to provide Londoners with their favourite meals from their favourite restaurants in  a safe, courteous manner, to their homes. We do this while operating exclusively with Electronic Vehicles and using Eco Friendly Packaging. But perhaps even more impressive, and unlike the food delivery industry generally, we have committed to employing our GET: Riders (who we have nicknamed ‘G:Riders’) on permanent and secure employment contracts. We  treat them well so that in turn  they  have the resources and incentives to treat you and our Restaurant Partners well. In doing this we feel good about saving livelihoods and caring for the environment. In doing this, we are confident that together we shall see you all on the other side of these global challenges and we will all be the better and stronger for it.


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